Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Im' already a big fan of HTML5. I just love the power of canvas and the ability to be able to develop games for the web without the fuss of flash. This excitement reached the next level when i came across the pokki platform. The application just uses already available software packages like webkit, v8 javascript engine and are trying to do something like Chrome WebStore with offline apps only. The advantage though is better integration with the desktop environment. The fluid animation of the apps appearing and disappearing.. its' just beautiful. As soon as I discovered it i wanted to try making one of my html5 games available on it and thought "Closer" was the best option.. mostly because the other games weren't as good or fun to play. It was pretty easy to get the game running under pokki platform but making it polished enough for it to get published definitely wasn't. I have got the submission rejected twice so far.. nothing serious though and i think that helps in getting only the best applications on the platform. I just submitted the version with the requested changes.. and hopefully it will get through.. any way here is the app in action..
Ps: The encoding seems to have screwed up the colors a little but you get the idea.. pretty applications neat little framework...
Update: My Pokki has been approved and is available for download. Install pokki application and search through the new section. :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This months theme for experimental gameplay was slicing. I was thinking about a fast paced game but i found a game which was doing exactly what i wanted to do and was pretty damn fun to play too.. you might find it fun to play

So with that gameplay off the table i wanted to try something funny and ended up with this game called CSS (Combat Simulator for Skeletons) you slice through the skeleton to make parts of it fly and re assemble. You can click on it as well. The gameplay is pretty simple and i almost feel like i failed to make something good but im' posting it any way because that's what experiments are for. You try and fail.. that's the whole point of an experiment. You can check out the game at

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Some More Art

Here is some more artwork i did for the project. I think i should stop focusing on the art and try to get some actual game done now :) I still have to write export script for using blender as level editor. Once that is done i should be able to put together some good level to play with. I still have no clue what the story is going to be, im' inclined to take it to humorous side, but ill' have to think about it.

BlenderSetup for Skeleton

Props for Game
Ps: If you do use the props texture please attribute it to me.

Monday, October 03, 2011


Ive' been working on a simple action game. I haven't been able to decide on the story or the level design. But i think i have got the basic gameplay working pretty well. I was also thinking about some mini boss character and witch doctor seemed like the perfect fit for what i wanted to do .. so here it is...
The Witch Doctor

colored character from prev post
I still need to get these characters rigged up in blender, but right now im' having fun with the character ive' managed to rig in blender. Here is the video showcasing the combat. I hope ill' be able to finish this soon :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago i was working on a presentation and needed to work on it at home as well. I didn't like the fact that i would have multiple copies of the same presentation lying around as i keep working on it. So i thought the best idea would be to use the Google Docs. The first problem i ran into was that there was no way i could add equations to a presentation. I know lot of papers require equations and it makes sense that the you have access to this tool when you create a document in google docs. But if you wanted to present that work at say a meeting there is no way to actually include that equation in the presentation. With all the push that Google is giving for the web as one stop place for everything, I must say i was surprised that these basic things were missing in the Google Docs for presentations.

I did manage to find a work around for this thanks to the discussion forums but even that quickly proved to be a waste once i needed to deal with equations which had matrices and then i found the most wonderful tool to create equations online
You should check it out if you intend to use it for creating presentation on Google Docs till they come  up with something decent.

Presentation @ Astron

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This month's experimental gameplay theme was story. Telling a story in a game is kind of hard.. atleast for me, i've never done it before and was confused about what to do. Because almost all of the games that are out there use in game movies or audio or loads of text to get the story out there. Text obviously is the easiest way to do it. But I didn't want the user to have to read loads of text scrolling through the screen, I wanted to minimize the text as much as possible.. I did end up using text but i think I have managed to hit the sweet spot. The story is short and the way you play effects the story. Thanks to the JQuery and loads of plugins it has.. ive' been able to create what i think is a good story based game.. the story is kinda of lame though.. I couldn't manage to come up with a compelling story :( guess its' time i start reading some books :D. So here goes.. check out the not so awesome story in the html5 goodness.. @ Hope you guys like it.. im' not too proud of the way the game looks.. but i like that ive' managed to make a good gameplay driven story :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Obsession With Menus

Iv'e always been obsessed with putting in animations for the menus. We did put something together for Adrian, a game I worked on along with some friends at college. But the animations were pretty much predefined you could either slide them in blink them that kinda of stuff. It was pretty good, but in the recent times especially after watching so many iphone apps which have such smooth transitions etc between screens, And the wonderful ui you can create with html because of the javascript speedups Iv'e started thinking its' probably time to get this done right or at least to my satisfaction :D.

The weird idea i got was to create keyframe animations for the UI and then use it as the menu. This is pretty much the standard way of doing things in blender game engine. You just move the camera around in a scene or make the ui elements slide in out of the view. I wasn't sure if i could pull it off in my own game. So I kept putting it off to try later. Then i came across a video explaining how the UI designers used blender for Gnome3 as a prototyping. I fell in love with the Gnome3 ui right from the beginning and once i saw this, i was determined to try it out.. And so i started implementing a basic game engine in python which would be able to use the key frame animations and would be useful as menu as well. 

Here are some boss demon concepts i made for the game.. have to decide on colors etc
More Enemies
And ive' finally managed to create the model for main character, there is a lot of polygons spent on the head of the character, hope i can get the animation right, still have to rig the character though.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Almost Ready

With this, i think i've got all the characters i need to get the basic implementation started but, there are still some things i need to figure out about how to animate the expressions, eyes where the texture of the object changes. The easiest way out seems to be to just create another texture with required things changed. i.e the eye expression and the mouth. But may be there is a better way.. creating multiple textures for small changes seems a bit of an over kill.

The combat is very important and should be very fluid and fun to play around with. This requires a good co-ordination between the animation and the collision detection. Im' also thinking about easy way to create menus/animations as 3danim models.

Yesterday i had to work on porting the 3danim exporter to blender 2.59 and i swear it was hard.. so messed up i almost lost the whole day. I hope i dont' have to do it again. I was able to load the model of ram in python using the anim3d library.

I need to setup rigs for these characters and the previous character. As usual i intend to start from basic stuff. I am hoping ill' be able to come up with a design which will make it easier to be able to finish this project. I guess im' getting good at the inkscape for creating shapes,.. Iv'e been able to complete this faster than the other characters...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Character in Works

I've been working on making the characters from so i can use them in a game if i ever am able to make something good :D any way. without further delay.. here goes..

I've added the weapons as well, i've been itching to write some action game.. so probably will help me out with that. As usual i've been using Inkscape for designing these characters. I've rigged the other character i designed  in blender i have to do it for this as well... While making this characters i got an  idea about making a grey scale so i can change the color by setting the polygon color i guess its' worth a try because it makes it easier to create different characters.. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Online Leader Board

This is one of those things which is kinda straightforward to do, you get a username or something and add stuff in the database. There is a difficulty in discovering cheating scenarios but if we assume fairplay, it just boils down to a very simple thing. I was kinda lazy to do all the creating a db and writing queries stuff so I started looking for easy to use javascript based leaderboard service, sure enough I found I was skeptical about registering but once i decided to add the online leaderboard for my latest  game, I knew this would be the easiest way out.

Turns out it is really easy to use it. The documentation pretty much covers what you might want and gets working pretty soon. this is the page i used to get the version you see in the game running.

They do rely on code obfuscation to secure the app id and key but im' not sure if that really helps. But is vulnerable, but the score administration tools are really good (you need to login to see these tools). Over all it was a good exp coding with this framework. So basically that makes two frameworks used in this game :) not sure if thats' the best for performance though.

Bottom line, If you want to get a leader board, online high scores thing up and running asap this is the way to go. They have support for other languages as well so thats' good too :)

Experimental Gameplay

This month for experimental gameplay project the theme was "Offspring" but the broader meaning could be used like growth. So I've put together a simple yet challenging game called "tgif+" short for "Thank God It's Growing" see what I did there? :). This is the first javascript project where i used jquery for handling the ui elements, I must say its' pretty cool. It is kind of an overkill for the project because i dont' use much of the library, but it makes the ui handling so much easier. You can play my entry here.
I used Inkscape for creating the artwork for this game. Just love how the gradiants work. Along the way i even created a new logo for vkgamedev.
New vkgamedev logo
And now for the game screen shots.. i guess this is the first time where i have a "virtical" orientation of the game screen  :)
Start Screen
Gameplay Screen
I haven't added the game music, pause button or sharing options as of now. I will probably try to update when i can... Mean while you can play the game right now Here

Monday, August 01, 2011

Blender Rig For 2D Animation

Most people use Flash for their 2D animation needs, but apparently some people do use the 3D animation software tools for creating 2D animations as well. The advantage?.. i think it has got more to do with preference than anything else but then again.. 3D authoring tools are good with for doing camera effects and rendering effects if you want to do any. I recently discovered that south park is animated using Maya, I always thought it was stop motion animation oh well i guess they had to move to make the process faster.

The advantages of using 3D animation software for 2D animation in my Opinion
  • Ease of adding rendering effects to the scene.
  • Camera movement can be added easily (esp the z-axis movement)
  • The multi-bone setup makes it easy to animate snake like objects (curvy hands, fire, smoke)
So as i mentioned in my previous post, i've decided to rig the character in blender and here are the results..
The image to the left is the render shot from blender and the one to the right is the rig setup. It was pretty easy to set it up and quickly create an animation. Setting up the rig for the eyes was kinda tricky.. I took a lot of time to get it right. Now a lot of time will probably go into making good animations. I still haven't figured how i can manage the animation of hands and the mouth. Hope to fix that soon..till then, Here is a walk cycle test rendered in blender.

Friday, July 29, 2011

2D Character Design

So if you missed it.. here is an awesome animated version of Ramayanam.. anyway i was really impressed with the character  design and thought it might be a good idea to try and recreate the characters for some game.. so here is the first step..
PNG version of SVG

So i basically copied the character design, made an SVG with all the parts in separate layers so i can animate them ... let me say i intend to animate using blender by setting up armature and stuff.. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Character

Masked Man
Tried getting something done with a character design.. done using Alchemy. colored it using mypaint.. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Scene

Iv'e been seeing a lot of foot over bridges to cross small channals of water here and there.. was kinda inspired to draw it.. so here.. goes..
speed drawing
This is the first time i have been able to use my drawing tablet in linux, it works pretty well.. but im' still not sure if the sensitivity is handled well. So for now i just did a drawing without shading.

Sunday, July 03, 2011


It's been a couple of months since i actually worked on any game.. .. i was not inspired enough to make one. That changed yesterday, i was checking the experimental gameplay project website and have been interested in participating.. so i saw the topic for this month and kinda liked it.. and started thinking about it.. As usual i started off with the simple gameplay mechanic that you have to stay close to the enemies to disintegrate them.. but not touch them. Like they say.. Keep your friends close, enemies closer. So i started off with the basic art and it kinda grew from there.
Initial game concept
As you can see the art is pretty basic and i tried to experiment with pixelated look where the pixels are falling apart but i settled with the enemies fading away as i wanted to stick with html5. There has been a lot of debate about html5 vs native apps but for simple games like this the portability is too good to let go :).

I also tried the local data store feature offered by the html5 for storing the high score information. Chrome works just fine while developing but firefox refuses to work with local data share while not hosted on webserver not sure why though. But It works once i put the code on hosting. The other thing i wanted to make sure was to use just mouse so it can be easy to use on the phones. The resolution is 640x480 and should be good enough on most of the smartphones out there (assuming all of them support html5, which i think they do). Here is the screen shot of the game, also i found a really good background score from Also i made this in just one day..kinda happy about that :)
game play screenshot.
And the most important thing is you can play it right now here .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Since i've been seeing a lot of wind mills lately i thought ill' draw one.. :) The other interesting thing about this drawing is I used just one color to draw the whole thing. In one of the tutorials for drawing it was mentioned that people use darker lines for objects closer to you .. and it does seem to work.. in this scene.. at least i think it does.. :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blitz from League Of Legends

It's not true to the source material but i thought id' draw something up which i can color quickly with all the detail.. I like the way it turned out.. it does require some corrections with the legs.. but i like how it turned out..

Monday, June 13, 2011


some weird fighting stance that came to mind.. Was eager to just color and put something up.. so here goes..

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Inner Beast

People have been complaining that my drawings have been biased towards feminine gender.. so i thought ill' switch it up a little .. and started experimenting with some random ideas.. This reminded me about a documentary i saw on discovery about how elephants sometimes turn against their mahout. K .. enough talk.. here is the pencil shaded drawing of a clash ..

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I thought ill do something kind of relaxing and this is what i came up with :) I could't really think about the colors and such.. but im' really pleased with the way it turned out. I tried shading it but couldn't really get it right.. any way here you go..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Modeling Brush(MyPaint)

MyPaint is a gimp fork for artists.. and comes with some really nice brushes i tried out the modeling brush today and here are some random stuff i've drawn..

Friday, May 06, 2011

Swords' man

Ive' been working on a bunch of stuff.. like changing the blender version Geometry Wars to work on blender 2.57's game engine. This blender file is helpful if you are trying to develop a topdown shooter using blender engine. The mouse control is dependent only on the mouse controller and doesn't use any funny scaling stuff like it used to before. I have also started working on creating new 3d models but later on that. The other thing ive' been working on was this drawing of a swords man.. i wanted to have some dramatic pose with a sword.. but kinda ended up with this.. i want to add more detail to the armor, shoes and head.. .. so still a work in progress.

Friday, April 15, 2011


If you have played the game you know about the little sister.. and the big daddy and stuff.. just wanted to try drawing some girl with teddy in her hand and with crazy hair do.. ended up drawing forgot to put my sign in there :(

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Inkscape as Level editor

If you dont' know about Inkscape yet, it's a svg editor and if you dont' know svg its just a text based file format for describing an Image.

Now that we have that out of our way.. lets talk business. During one of they pyweek contests, i came across a discussion regarding creating a level editor for a game. And one of the participants posted saying that he is using Inkscape as level editor. I thought to myself that I should be doing it too. But I didnt' know how the parse the file, i knew it was xml but did not know the tags, attributes etc that are valid for an svg. Then i came across a svg rendering library called squrtile . I looked at the code and saw that it was pretty straight forward.

And now for the first time i have used svg as a level editor for my pyweek entry "Charged". This made it way easier to visualize what i was going to see in the game and much more organized. In fact anybody can just pick up any svg editor and start creating there own levels by checking out the levels the game has. Also i've been using inkscape along with gimp extensively since my last project. Here is how and why you can use it as level editor:

  • Open file in Inkscape
  • Open source code viewer (Ctrl+Shift+x)
  • Add key and value pairs for each object. (these can be anything but your program should use this info).
Once the above is done you have a svg file with the information that is required for placing different types of objects in the game world. Once you have this information, we can just render the corresponding objects.

I think i've gotten better at using it :) I am atleast able to make what the game requires. I have to agree though, ive' been trying to keep the art as simple as possible so i can make it look as polished as possible. Any way here are the screenshots of Charged.You can download the game from the pyweek contest site Charged. you will be able to find the windows exe as well as the source. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


The pyweek for this year has started and the theme is "nine times". Since iv'e been working on MuCap for a while now i wasn't sure i would be able to work on anything for this pyweek. But started thinking about the theme anyway. I wanted the gameplay to be very simple to pick up at the same time making the player think about how to complete a level. This is easy.. you make a puzzle game but how do i incorporate the theme? well first i decided on the gameplay "bounce a ball around". The theme says "nine times" so now i started thinking about ways to make the player bounce the ball 9 times before the level is complete. This was the thought process behind "Charged" the pyweek game im' working on currently.

To make sense of why the user should bounce 9 times before finishing, i tried working out some kind of story.. say feeding something with candy coated with chocolate? (9 times bounce == more chocolate) for some time i was going to go with that story line.. until i suddenly started thinking about static electricity and then it all came together.. you bounce the ball around enough to create voltage enough to power a light bulb (the goal) how do you light the bulb? well.. contact with any wire attached to the bulb should do it :) I didn't really think about making the equations right but V = IR hence more the resistance more Voltage you need. So thats' the premise im' using for this game. Why electricity you ask?.. thats thanks to tangential learning that this video talks about.
Here is the concept art for this game screens to follow..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MuCap Gameplay

After downloading fraps and recording some gameplay of MuCap i had to fiddle around with the video editing tools to find the right one to get the video done. It's not very well made, the transitions are rough esp the music, but i hope it gives a better understanding about how the game plays.

Ps: i've never made a gameplay video before.. so please excuse the low production values of the video :D

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sounds like something you heard before.. yes .. "MoCap" is the word you might have heard :) so here is the idea.. i wanted to make some game using the music to trigger the actions on screen and the result is MuCap (Music Capture) with the tagline as "Capture the Music". I've been working on this idea for a few days now and it is turning out pretty good. I should admit though ive' spent a lot of time on trying to figure out how to create an ideal level editor, i even considered trying to automate it but settled with hand coding the levels. Just couldn't find the sweet spot for a good level editor, but "audacity" proved to be the best for the job.
The art is pretty straight forward steps:
  • Create graphic in InkScape
  • Gaussian filter the object
  • Paste a copy of the same object
And presto.. we have the glowing object. I've tried to keep the art as simple as possible and it worked out pretty well. I've looked at various wallpapers from Deviant art to try and make a game which would simulate creating a wallpaper in a fun way. The problem was to make sure it didn't obstruct the gameplay too much. I think ive' found a pretty good sweet spot. Here are the first screenshots of the be game
Menu of the Game (I know its' a bit Un-Traditional) but keeps it simple and can easily be adapted for mobile devices. I've actually made sure that the gameplay uses only the mouse. Also i wanted to make sure that the songs and the artists are highlighted more than anything else because they are royalty free music loops that i downloaded from
And the least i can do is properly credit them. So the menu just does that :). I still need to work on the game pause menu but what i have so far is good.

This is how the screen looks after you complete playing through a song :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've come across this amazing drawing program called mypaint its' got better interface as far as the painting is conserned. The default brush collection seems nice and is pretty effective. I thought id' give it a try and here we are..

I've also been working on a game concept which is coming along quite well but im' still tossing around and playing with the gameplay/concept a bit. Hopefully ill' have something up soon.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


So kratos from god of war.. need i say more.. :D its' not the exact same as in the game, i got rid of the chains and only one blade instead of two.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The corner

I was at a restaurant tonight and this particular scene captured my attention.. i didn't quite get the plants right and some of the other parts that were there are missing but this gave me a good excuse to test out light effect in the drawing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


i think i should have colored this but couldnt' decide on the best colors.. so just left as is :D. The shading didn't turns out very good.
From My Work

From My Work

Update: Turns out i can just use the fire fox color scheme and it all turned out pretty neat .. :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Orc Attack

I've got a warhammer orc figurine with me.. always wanted to draw it but didnt' dare to do it.. but ive' just conquered the fear :D

Friday, February 11, 2011

Saturday, February 05, 2011


It's been a while since iv'e drawn anything.. so thought it is about time i did it :D. So for the theme i thought id' work on some monster drawings.. as i haven't done anything on those lines till now.. and to tell you frankly i've not been able to get the scary look id' want to give the i did a quick google and took inspiration from the dinosaur pictures.. and here's the result :D