Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago i was working on a presentation and needed to work on it at home as well. I didn't like the fact that i would have multiple copies of the same presentation lying around as i keep working on it. So i thought the best idea would be to use the Google Docs. The first problem i ran into was that there was no way i could add equations to a presentation. I know lot of papers require equations and it makes sense that the you have access to this tool when you create a document in google docs. But if you wanted to present that work at say a meeting there is no way to actually include that equation in the presentation. With all the push that Google is giving for the web as one stop place for everything, I must say i was surprised that these basic things were missing in the Google Docs for presentations.

I did manage to find a work around for this thanks to the discussion forums but even that quickly proved to be a waste once i needed to deal with equations which had matrices and then i found the most wonderful tool to create equations online
You should check it out if you intend to use it for creating presentation on Google Docs till they come  up with something decent.

Presentation @ Astron
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