Saturday, August 13, 2011

Online Leader Board

This is one of those things which is kinda straightforward to do, you get a username or something and add stuff in the database. There is a difficulty in discovering cheating scenarios but if we assume fairplay, it just boils down to a very simple thing. I was kinda lazy to do all the creating a db and writing queries stuff so I started looking for easy to use javascript based leaderboard service, sure enough I found I was skeptical about registering but once i decided to add the online leaderboard for my latest  game, I knew this would be the easiest way out.

Turns out it is really easy to use it. The documentation pretty much covers what you might want and gets working pretty soon. this is the page i used to get the version you see in the game running.

They do rely on code obfuscation to secure the app id and key but im' not sure if that really helps. But is vulnerable, but the score administration tools are really good (you need to login to see these tools). Over all it was a good exp coding with this framework. So basically that makes two frameworks used in this game :) not sure if thats' the best for performance though.

Bottom line, If you want to get a leader board, online high scores thing up and running asap this is the way to go. They have support for other languages as well so thats' good too :)
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