Sunday, August 28, 2011

Obsession With Menus

Iv'e always been obsessed with putting in animations for the menus. We did put something together for Adrian, a game I worked on along with some friends at college. But the animations were pretty much predefined you could either slide them in blink them that kinda of stuff. It was pretty good, but in the recent times especially after watching so many iphone apps which have such smooth transitions etc between screens, And the wonderful ui you can create with html because of the javascript speedups Iv'e started thinking its' probably time to get this done right or at least to my satisfaction :D.

The weird idea i got was to create keyframe animations for the UI and then use it as the menu. This is pretty much the standard way of doing things in blender game engine. You just move the camera around in a scene or make the ui elements slide in out of the view. I wasn't sure if i could pull it off in my own game. So I kept putting it off to try later. Then i came across a video explaining how the UI designers used blender for Gnome3 as a prototyping. I fell in love with the Gnome3 ui right from the beginning and once i saw this, i was determined to try it out.. And so i started implementing a basic game engine in python which would be able to use the key frame animations and would be useful as menu as well. 

Here are some boss demon concepts i made for the game.. have to decide on colors etc
More Enemies
And ive' finally managed to create the model for main character, there is a lot of polygons spent on the head of the character, hope i can get the animation right, still have to rig the character though.
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