Saturday, August 13, 2011

Experimental Gameplay

This month for experimental gameplay project the theme was "Offspring" but the broader meaning could be used like growth. So I've put together a simple yet challenging game called "tgif+" short for "Thank God It's Growing" see what I did there? :). This is the first javascript project where i used jquery for handling the ui elements, I must say its' pretty cool. It is kind of an overkill for the project because i dont' use much of the library, but it makes the ui handling so much easier. You can play my entry here.
I used Inkscape for creating the artwork for this game. Just love how the gradiants work. Along the way i even created a new logo for vkgamedev.
New vkgamedev logo
And now for the game screen shots.. i guess this is the first time where i have a "virtical" orientation of the game screen  :)
Start Screen
Gameplay Screen
I haven't added the game music, pause button or sharing options as of now. I will probably try to update when i can... Mean while you can play the game right now Here
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