Sunday, August 21, 2011

Almost Ready

With this, i think i've got all the characters i need to get the basic implementation started but, there are still some things i need to figure out about how to animate the expressions, eyes where the texture of the object changes. The easiest way out seems to be to just create another texture with required things changed. i.e the eye expression and the mouth. But may be there is a better way.. creating multiple textures for small changes seems a bit of an over kill.

The combat is very important and should be very fluid and fun to play around with. This requires a good co-ordination between the animation and the collision detection. Im' also thinking about easy way to create menus/animations as 3danim models.

Yesterday i had to work on porting the 3danim exporter to blender 2.59 and i swear it was hard.. so messed up i almost lost the whole day. I hope i dont' have to do it again. I was able to load the model of ram in python using the anim3d library.

I need to setup rigs for these characters and the previous character. As usual i intend to start from basic stuff. I am hoping ill' be able to come up with a design which will make it easier to be able to finish this project. I guess im' getting good at the inkscape for creating shapes,.. Iv'e been able to complete this faster than the other characters...

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