Sunday, July 03, 2011


It's been a couple of months since i actually worked on any game.. .. i was not inspired enough to make one. That changed yesterday, i was checking the experimental gameplay project website and have been interested in participating.. so i saw the topic for this month and kinda liked it.. and started thinking about it.. As usual i started off with the simple gameplay mechanic that you have to stay close to the enemies to disintegrate them.. but not touch them. Like they say.. Keep your friends close, enemies closer. So i started off with the basic art and it kinda grew from there.
Initial game concept
As you can see the art is pretty basic and i tried to experiment with pixelated look where the pixels are falling apart but i settled with the enemies fading away as i wanted to stick with html5. There has been a lot of debate about html5 vs native apps but for simple games like this the portability is too good to let go :).

I also tried the local data store feature offered by the html5 for storing the high score information. Chrome works just fine while developing but firefox refuses to work with local data share while not hosted on webserver not sure why though. But It works once i put the code on hosting. The other thing i wanted to make sure was to use just mouse so it can be easy to use on the phones. The resolution is 640x480 and should be good enough on most of the smartphones out there (assuming all of them support html5, which i think they do). Here is the screen shot of the game, also i found a really good background score from Also i made this in just one day..kinda happy about that :)
game play screenshot.
And the most important thing is you can play it right now here .
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