Friday, September 24, 2010

PlayGroundSDK from PlayFirst

I wanted to try out the PlayGround sdk, so went to their website and tried to download it. Sure enough i was prompted to register and create a "Free Account" to download the SDK and the documentation. So like any normal sane person i tried to register.. guess what?.. I couldn't .. why you might ask.. well there was a "CAPTCHA" for making sure that people were registering rather than some bot i guess. So what's the problem you ask?.. I would say THAT is the problem.. why does everybody just use those twisted CAPTCHA which arent' very clear to even read for normal people? Any way i tried it like 50 times... and im' pretty sure i got it right a couple of times but the playfirst's servers refused to accept any of my attempts.. dejected and frustrated i started requesting my friends to try it out and see if they can get one account.. and somehow the audio CAPTCHA seems to have done it for them. For me not so much.. in those 50 times i tried.. (2-3 times was audio CAPTCHA). I guess i just had a very very very bad day.

For what' it's worth.. the SDK seems to be pretty good for like storing / tracking high score data across the world and a clean way to do it with just lua scripts. It's worth looking at even to just learn about the architecture of the framework.
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