Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ubuntu Config

Ok for some weird reason the firefox on my ubuntu box has been .. you know.. really really slow.. switching between tabs etc.. are slow.. at least so I perceive ... any way.. turns out i wasn't the only one.. lucky for me i found a post on ubuntu forums which said.. i had to disable the ipv6 thing in about:config.... so here is what is supposed to be done if you are facing this issue:

1) type about:config in your address bar
2) once you see the config, search for ipv6
3) you will find only one entry in there.. double click it to toggle it to true.
4) restart firefox.. you will find that it is a definitely better than what it used to be. (well it is for me at least)

Now the Video Player keeps flashing the screen while playing a video.. while compiz is enabled.. so the solution.. again... is just a config change.. i dont' see why these things are not put in by default but here you go...

check out the link just in case you are lazy to hit the link.. here is the extract...

* GStreamer Users (The default video player in Ubuntu, totem-gstreamer, and any video player that is based on the gstreamer backend)

o Open a terminal and type “gstreamer-properties”. Press Enter.

o Click the Video tab.

o Under Default Video Plugin select “X Window System (No Xv)”.

o Click Test to verify that video playback is working (you should be able to see the standard TV testing colour
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