Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I was Wrong!

If you have seen my prev post about unreal engine being un-scalable etc.. well turns out i was wrong.. It does scale.. I just had very old drivers!! I have an HP dv6137tx .. with 1GB ram and Geforce Go 7400.. you know.. just good enough to play current games at lowest possible settings :) any way, The display drivers for the notebooks are pretty tricky.. nvidia doesnt' actually support all the notebooks out there.. they just provide the drivers to the OEMs... who customize the drivers to suit their products. Im' not sure about others... but HP guys seem to have been sleeping.. the latest driver they provided was 83.3... something.. and the latest beta is 169.09.. something.. of forceware. Thanks to i was able to update my drivers to the latest beta drivers.. which make GoW work.. at a minimal setting... but it still looks pretty decent.. and gives a smooth gameplay... Cant' wait to try out other new games!! Thank you notebookforums.!! you have saved me from a lot of pain..

I did not face any problems what so ever till now after installing these beta drivers.. i just hope nothing got screwed.. :) Btw.. GoW rocks.. so does Bewolf.. cant' wait to play them both..!!
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