Saturday, October 27, 2007

Unreal Technology

The unreal game engine is here and it seems like a solid step ahead. There are many high budget titles coming up on this engine and they all look really amazing. They are not trying to achieve realism.. but the artistic rendering really looks cool. Gears of War, UT3, Bioshock, Stranglehold ... all of these are using UT engine, they aren't realistic.. Crysis.. now that is realism. All that apart, the main concern i have with this latest installment of UT's engine is that it doesnt' seem to be very scalable. I mean a GoForce 7400 256MB memory, 1GB ram, Centrino Duo is a pretty decent system, at least it's not like im' using a GeForce 6 series card. Well any way.. seems like the UT engine really doesn't like laptops :)

Yesterday i downloaded the UT3 Demo.. to see if the game is any good, coz.. i could really not get stranglehold to run on my system.. the min requirements for the game are 2GB ram and 7800 geforce card and 15gb hdd, Just insane..!! Back to UT3 demo.. i was so exited and launched it... the menu was great.. looked fresh and neat.. but hey... whats' this!! it crashes when i start the game !!@!!@#... searched quickly through the logs.. and it says out of memory error.. What the hell.. ??? the min requirement says 512MB ram.. and i have 1GB of ram.. and it give out of memory error.. ?? I really love the game engines which can scale across systems well. Designing a game engine for a high end system is easy.. use what ever resources you want.. just get it to look good. The challenge was always to have it scale across systems.. gracefully degrade the visual experience.. At least that's the way i think the game engine should be designed. Look at Quake3, Doom3 They just run on any damn system with a graphics card.. i know people who ran Doom3 on Geforce2. Now thats' one robust game engine and a robust graphics card too :D
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