Monday, September 04, 2006

Fraps in Linux?

I was asked to create a video tutorial of how to use the tool i developed in linux. Well there are
many softwares in windows which allow you to create a video of what ever is done by the user. For
instance Fraps is a popular software which can be used to capture the game play as videos. But i did not know of any such software for linux. I started hunting for it and i was exited to find that i did not need a software for doing it.. I could do it myself... i found a wonderful tutorial about making a video of the screen capture. It took me only a few minutes to get my video done :) I think this would be a very useful tutorial for all those linux lovers who envied people presenting their windows tools in the form of videos.

After i created a video using this method, i realized that it was too slow, actually my prof did not like the video. So i started searching for alternatives. That is when i came across tools like vnc2swf, DemoRecorder, etc. These tools work just fine if you want to record whats' being done in normal widgets... in the sence the windows which do not use OpenGL. So the next best thing was another command which can grab the screenshot in less time. 'xwnd' is the answer. This is a command which comes along with the X server tools. It can save the desktop view in a file in an internal format ".xwd" so instead of "import" i started used this new command. I reduced my screen resolution to 640x480 and recorded the desktop view. The final output was a better, smooth video of the demo.
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