Friday, June 09, 2006

Vista Beta2..

Finally got my hands on vista beta2 and installed it. The aero (a new feature in vista) which allows the os to have transparent gui.. .. well its' awesome.. the animation effects, the way the icons pop up.. you have to see it to believe it.. Even the bootup screen its' like door way to heaven.. this may sound too much to hear.. but its' true. I'm a linux lover but the desktop looks are something i never compromize about. Vista now thats' something nice. Now.. the media player 11 the number seems a little out of place :p well any way it looks as beautiful as everything else. Here is a screen shot showing media player in action.

Coming to the most important part.. the games :). The quality of the default games provided by windows has for sure increased. They provide a chess game which is called Chess Titans.. essentially a 3D chess board and the same game though.. but the look and feel you get actually makes you want to play it.. similarly the purble place a collection of 3 games which are totally adictive.. :). The mine Sweeper lovers will like the changes that they see in windows vista beta 2. The graphics, sound every aspect of the game is good.

I really cannot comment on the stability and new features (except that i could see at the first go) . Oh by the way the ie7 that comes default with vista did crash just a moment ago when i was trying to upload the media players' screen shot to my blog. I expect to see more such crashes.. keep you fingures crossed and keep waiting for the exiting journey of vista. hehe
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