Friday, June 02, 2006

Q4 at ESWC (Hyderabad)

On 28th of may 2006 ESWC city level competetions were conducted at diginet in Hyderabad. I had no idea that i would be able to participate in this event... but thanks to Ravi (Tiger) i sucessfully made it to the venue and registered. Q4 is the only game i felt where i had any chance of getting through so that is what i registered for. Since i had experience with Q3 it was quite easy for me to pickup :). I thought i would make it to the first place but lost the crucial match with just one frag and hence became the second best at Q4 in hyd. Any way it does not matter coz the top two from each city are sent to the national finals. And each finalist wins a nvidia 7300GS (essentially i won a card for myself) but the downside. i have to go to Delhi to get the card :( not sure if ill ' be able to make it there. Ravi is quite pissed off that im' still in doubt... I want to get that graphics card some how Gr.r.r.
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