Monday, June 12, 2006

PC ya PS3

If you follow slashdot regularly you might have seen the post about PS3 not doing so well at E3 this year. Iv'e seen pretty good videos of realtime footages being run on PS3 i wonder how it did not make a good impact at e3. They had this awesome footage showing a virtual actor.. with various emotional changes.. and for heavens' sake they made it cry!!! (if you are interested in the video you can download it from Shreak@dc++). And guess what.. that footage was made in less than 3 month or so (they built the whole engine for PS3 and had an audition for actors and then finally modeling and animation and then rendering.. ). Trust me.. 3 monts' is a very meager amount of time for bringing out such an awesome demo. Ok the demos on the PS3 are good and you can achieve a lot and what ever.. but what good is a PS3 if it costs as much as a pc with a reasonably high end graphics card?? and by the way.. the representatives of sony say "PS3 is not a console.. its' a pc.. each part is replacable that's how it's made.." More bashing about ps3 can be found at the following links.. (iv's summarized some of the points here)
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