Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gif Animation in Gimp

Ever wondered how to make a gif animation using gimp?? Hmm ofcourse you did.. well even if you did not.. it would be good to know how simple gif animations can be made in this Free image editing software. Here is a sample of what can be achieved.

Yes it looks crude.. but i made it in less than 20mins.. so i guess its valid :) any way.. coming to how we do it.. open gimp, create a new image, press ctrl+l this will bring up the layers dialog. In this layers dialog you are provided options to create delete, move the layers. So keep adding layers, each with the next image in the animation sequence. Want to check how your animation looks?? go to filters->animation->playback this will launch a dialog box which has playback, rewind and step buttons on it. Click on playback button and you will see how your animation looks. Satisfied?? just save the animation with an extension ".gif" have to note that while saving you will be asked if you want the different layers to be mreged or to be saved as an animation.. just click on "save as animation check box" and you are done.. :D

Monday, June 12, 2006

PC ya PS3

If you follow slashdot regularly you might have seen the post about PS3 not doing so well at E3 this year. Iv'e seen pretty good videos of realtime footages being run on PS3 i wonder how it did not make a good impact at e3. They had this awesome footage showing a virtual actor.. with various emotional changes.. and for heavens' sake they made it cry!!! (if you are interested in the video you can download it from Shreak@dc++). And guess what.. that footage was made in less than 3 month or so (they built the whole engine for PS3 and had an audition for actors and then finally modeling and animation and then rendering.. ). Trust me.. 3 monts' is a very meager amount of time for bringing out such an awesome demo. Ok the demos on the PS3 are good and you can achieve a lot and what ever.. but what good is a PS3 if it costs as much as a pc with a reasonably high end graphics card?? and by the way.. the representatives of sony say "PS3 is not a console.. its' a pc.. each part is replacable that's how it's made.." More bashing about ps3 can be found at the following links.. (iv's summarized some of the points here)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who am i??

After six year of stay at IIIT i can't help but wonder who am i.. what am i doing.. and where am i going?? These are the questions i tried to answer today.. disappointingly.. there were only a few that i could come up with. Iv'e played more games than any single person in the campus (count not in different games .. count in terms of much time ive' spent gaming). Iv'e never kept track of how much time i play computer games.. but my juns were kind enough to keep reminding me that im' the only guy who has played almost all the games with all the batch.. not great but i really like it when people say that. The other day i saw an article on slashdot saying that there was some rehab being setup for video game addicts.. i was wondering if i needed that.. :p
PS: not going there any time soon :D

Friday, June 09, 2006

Vista Beta2..

Finally got my hands on vista beta2 and installed it. The aero (a new feature in vista) which allows the os to have transparent gui.. .. well its' awesome.. the animation effects, the way the icons pop up.. you have to see it to believe it.. Even the bootup screen its' like door way to heaven.. this may sound too much to hear.. but its' true. I'm a linux lover but the desktop looks are something i never compromize about. Vista now thats' something nice. Now.. the media player 11 the number seems a little out of place :p well any way it looks as beautiful as everything else. Here is a screen shot showing media player in action.

Coming to the most important part.. the games :). The quality of the default games provided by windows has for sure increased. They provide a chess game which is called Chess Titans.. essentially a 3D chess board and the same game though.. but the look and feel you get actually makes you want to play it.. similarly the purble place a collection of 3 games which are totally adictive.. :). The mine Sweeper lovers will like the changes that they see in windows vista beta 2. The graphics, sound every aspect of the game is good.

I really cannot comment on the stability and new features (except that i could see at the first go) . Oh by the way the ie7 that comes default with vista did crash just a moment ago when i was trying to upload the media players' screen shot to my blog. I expect to see more such crashes.. keep you fingures crossed and keep waiting for the exiting journey of vista. hehe

To much to think and do..

Last couple of days.. ive' been too busy to do anything.. absolutely anything.. ofcourse i never knew what i was busy with.. but ya i did maintain with all my friends and family that im' really busy :D well any way here is today's drawing.. something with symmetric objects :p

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It'a a Cat and Mouse Game

The world is full of situations which can be found similar to the Cat and Mouse game. There is a saying in telugu which goes.. "Pilliki chelagatam Elakaki prana sankatam" meaning.. the playful acts of the cat are deadly for the mouse. Take for example our beloved security guard (prakash raj) well that man can be cited as the perfect example for the above saying. The other day some students were you knoww.. having a party in their room.. this guy somehow managed to get the whole scene out in the open in front of the hostel incharge.. It was just a funney play for him.. (He was actually smiling all the way through) any way i was so frustrated.. i could not sleep that night.. well life goes on..

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cave drawings.. :p

Remember those good old school days when the school teacher used to draw on the black board and you used to try and replicate each and every line the teacher drew.. Hmm.. well you could just try to do that again :p Here is a scene where two people are hunting an elephant and a monk is healing them.. .. too much of age i guess..

Q4 at ESWC (Hyderabad)

On 28th of may 2006 ESWC city level competetions were conducted at diginet in Hyderabad. I had no idea that i would be able to participate in this event... but thanks to Ravi (Tiger) i sucessfully made it to the venue and registered. Q4 is the only game i felt where i had any chance of getting through so that is what i registered for. Since i had experience with Q3 it was quite easy for me to pickup :). I thought i would make it to the first place but lost the crucial match with just one frag and hence became the second best at Q4 in hyd. Any way it does not matter coz the top two from each city are sent to the national finals. And each finalist wins a nvidia 7300GS (essentially i won a card for myself) but the downside. i have to go to Delhi to get the card :( not sure if ill ' be able to make it there. Ravi is quite pissed off that im' still in doubt... I want to get that graphics card some how Gr.r.r.