Monday, January 30, 2006

Rejected Scare Crow ..

Have you ever wondered if there is a commitee that validates a scare crow?? :D well i was drawing a scare crow.. then i some how wanted to put that stamp on that whole drawing.. and "rejected" was the right word for my scare crow :D. Well the stamp is kinda creative idea of using the circular select tool :) The steps for drawing that stamp are simple.
  • Select a circular region in the image and do invert of the selection
  • Select the color you want to paint the circle in. (here its' red)
  • Using the paint tool and fuzzy brush of some big size (7x7) you start drawing irregularly around the circle.
  • Repeat the same thing by drawing another smaller circle inside the first circle.
  • That completes your stamp.. now just use the text tool to write what ever you want.
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