Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Gaming Fever :((

Tiger Roars: Baat yahan shuru hoti hain , The first post i read from tigers' blog.. well this guy is really one hell of a gaming Freak... i really envy him. He keep enjoying every moment of life :) playing games (my fav) goes to movies (well not my pie) i love hanging out with friend, just like this guy does.
Honestly ive' never played cossacs, but i did not quite like the screen shots :) well that's how i actually get into playing the game.. i see the scren shots.. get inspired to play the game and then play it till i get frustrated with it. :) Well ive' never got frustrated with any game yet.. and im' sure it won't happen any time soon. :) Today i really feel like playing some game esp after watching a quake video.. it's like i have to frag somebody with a rail gun.. :)

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