Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bone Rush (PyWeek26)

I've been a regular participant in the pyweek contest. The last time i participated, i tried to use cocos-creator to work as editor for cocos2d (python) and was fairly successful in creating a clone of Reigns (a mobile game about making choices).

This time i wanted to replicate the rush fight game, where the faster you tap the faster the game moves. It's pretty fun mechanic and would fit well with the theme "flow". So i got to work with the same workflow i had before, create characters in inkscape and create sprites to be used in game. For a while i pondered about supporting skeletal animation using cocos-creator setup but was not sure if i was going to find time to do it, so i choose to go with sprite animations instead.

Creating the sprites was a big deal as i was not sure if i wanted to setup the character in blender / cocos-creator / Inkscape for capturing the animation images. Inkscape quickly fell apart as an option as there was no way i could keep track of all the animations and modify and create multiple files to be modified later. I had to choose between blender / cocos-creator.. i thankfully ran into another tool called dragon bones. This was pretty good as i could iterate over the animations and generate the sprite frames from the tool itself.

I later used the cocos-creator to setup the scene and played around with fonts and stuff but was able to quickly able to tweak the scene as much as i wanted. I wanted to add additional particle effects etc but was strapped for time and couldn't get it done in time.
The game is called Bone Rush and the above is a video of the game in action.

You can visit the official website for the game : bonerush