Friday, May 16, 2014

Bitris (PyWeek18)

I've missed the last pyweek because of some prior commitments but this time iv'e managed to register for it in time and have actually been able to finish it.

Im' not sure if i was aiming low or if i just got better at making games (simple ones' ofcourse). But it took surprisingly less time than it used to. For starters i have used cocos library instead of writing all the update cycles and rendering functions. This made adding effects to the game very easy.

The fact that i've been working with cocos2d-x at work has helped me feel comfortable using cocos in python. I have toyed with using this library before but didn't see the need for it.. I was wrong .. i have been able to accomplish more than i could have if i stuck with writing my own effects etc.

The other thing is the discovery of the method to make any normal image into a pixelated image. Gimp has this as part of blur menu options in Filters menu. This was really handy in creating the icons for the powerups.

 I first created vector art for the icons in inkscape, exported them to png's and then used gimp to get the pixelated look. Oh all the pixelation was done because the theme was 8-bit for the contest.
Any way here are the screenshots of what ive' done for the pyweek18. Enoy :) is the place you should be headed if you want to learn more about this contest. :D
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