Sunday, December 08, 2013

Qt on Android

It's been a while since ive' looked at Qt. I used it extensively during my masters project and pretty much every project that i worked on in the college. I even made a 2D top down game using OpenGL and Qt along with a couple of my friends as a course project. I even taught a class how to get started with Qt using PyQt.

The most recent experience i've had with Qt was looking at PyQt being used for creating a DB access software at University of Groningen. It was written based on Qt3.0 and upgrading to Qt4.0 was causing all sorts of problem that is when i thought Qt probably lost it's way with all the Selling / Ownership transfer / Shift of focus on Platforms etc.

Now saying that i love the power of Qt for creating GUI's is an understatement. The documentation and the examples provided made it so easy to pick up the Toolkit. I was worried they might have misstepped too much and lost control of how awesome it used to be.

Recently i came across some article which mentioned that Qt was gonna be supporting Android. This was a god send for me. All the experience with making GUI using Qt and now i can finally make GUI on android using it.

Anyway i spent a couple of hours trying to figure how to get started and i came across this wonderful article about getting started with Qt for Android

And so I was able to create my de-facto gui test app the hello world app :)
Here are the requirements:

  • User enters text
  • Clicks Button
  • MEssageBox pops up with the text he/she entered
If you follow the instructions in the link above and know how to program in Qt you should be up in no time. Here are the screen shots .

So as you can see there is a big button and a big text entry thing and when you click on it a message box shows up. It was a fun exercise and i'm eager to make some interesting apps with this power :)

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