Saturday, September 28, 2013


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I've been drafting various ideas for a while and been thinking about getting to actually making them for a while now. Ever since i've started working in the games industry i've started thinking about bigger projects which are obviously going to take longer to develop.

But I decided that should not be stopping me from making something quickly like i used to and put it up just for the heck of it. Its' one of those times when im' just eager to finish something and put it up.

Here is the text i put down for this game a while ago:
Neon Defender2D Shooting game where you user cubes vs spheres style gameplay to select the type of bullet being shot. The enemies will be of different behaviors like in geometry wars and those from cubes vs spheres.
So I called it Neon Defender because i was sure i wanted to go the Geometry Wars art style. Any way from that point it's moved through some hoops. I added the Upgrade mechanics for "loot Drop", "loot drop duration" and "Health". The interesting thing i tried with this game was bringing the inventory right into the game. Let me explain

In Cubes Vs Spheres, you have in game currency that you get and you buy the bullets in the main screen, during gameplay if you run out of that particular sphere you are pretty much stuck, even though you had the currency to buy more. So to avoid this i put the price for each bullet right below the icon and when you fire each one of those you know how many credits you spend.

So there you go, as you can see the visuals are very similar to my other game "MuCap". I really hope to bring that game to android some day. It would be awesome to play on tablets.
Oh and if you are wondering what engine i used.. look no further .. cocos2d-x, All the art assets made using InkScape and Gimp.