Thursday, March 22, 2012

Online Leaderboards

Iv'e been on a look out for easy to use online leaderboard services for a while now. is the latest one i came across. The best feature of using this service?.... you can use it through absolutely any platform.. and they have good documentation for all the important things

I've been working on a lot of html5/javascript based games. I could have used any of the standard javascript libraries to use the scoreoid service (since it uses the cgi based implementation) but i didn't want to bring in a whole library for just a simple ajax request. So i wrote a simple javascript function to make it easy to use the service..
Following is the code for the function.

And assuming most people use JSON for response type while in js realm i've forced the function to use JSON. Using it is just making a function call and you should provide callback to handle the returned json object.

You can know the details of what to send as parameters to this function by looking at the console provided on the scoreoid website. I hope this helps people trying to get their html5 games integrated with scoreoid leaderboards. I've started using this service in colortheory and its' been good so far. Give it a try if you need some leaderboard functionality in your game.
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