Thursday, March 22, 2012

Online Leaderboards

Iv'e been on a look out for easy to use online leaderboard services for a while now. is the latest one i came across. The best feature of using this service?.... you can use it through absolutely any platform.. and they have good documentation for all the important things

I've been working on a lot of html5/javascript based games. I could have used any of the standard javascript libraries to use the scoreoid service (since it uses the cgi based implementation) but i didn't want to bring in a whole library for just a simple ajax request. So i wrote a simple javascript function to make it easy to use the service..
Following is the code for the function.

And assuming most people use JSON for response type while in js realm i've forced the function to use JSON. Using it is just making a function call and you should provide callback to handle the returned json object.

You can know the details of what to send as parameters to this function by looking at the console provided on the scoreoid website. I hope this helps people trying to get their html5 games integrated with scoreoid leaderboards. I've started using this service in colortheory and its' been good so far. Give it a try if you need some leaderboard functionality in your game.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Side Scrolling RTS

A Couple of years ago one of my friends asked if it would be nice / possible to implement a 2D RTS game as a course project. I thought that was a cool idea. but never got around to finding what happened. Why am i talking about this now?.. well ive' come across the swords and soldiers game and its' just like that. I've not played it but it sure does look good. I loved the art style and the animations so much. I wanted to try and design something similar just as an exercise.. but i needed some concept art to start off.. so i worked on making some concept art for it.. im' not sure if ill' ever get around to making the actual game.. but am sure excited about making a simple rts for the experimental gameplay project "Economy" theme..

rough design for characters

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color World (in progress)

Work in Progress

It's true what they say about how 80% of the work gets done in 20% of the time and the rest is spent trying to get the project done. I had a prototype of a simple puzzle game over a weekend. Then i just left it in the dark. I really liked this game because it was born out of my love for "tripple town" a simple but addictive game. I realized this was quite similar to another game i wrote SQUARED  for the mozilla game dev contest. At the time i was really happy with the "art style" but now not so much.. but i did still enjoy the gameplay. With some tweaks it could be a fun game on the "touch enabled" devices. I've been working on and off this weekend on getting one of my prototypes to a presentable state.. here is a comparison..
Prototype in game Screenshot
Ive spent a lot of time today trying to find the right service for getting the leaderboard up. I was using but with my perceived notion of their un-availability, i started looking at other options.. seemed like a really good alternative till i realized that i needed a php capable hosting to be able to use it unlike playtomic which just works with js.

The hosting of playtomics' javascript library on their site seems to have some problem and i was unable to access it. I just assumed that i wouldn't be able to use this service since the browser would require a cross-domain  ajax request to handle the data. Little did i know that xmlHttp and the corresponding m$ implementation already have this and that playtomic already uses it. So basically i can just get the playtomic js file from their git hub hosting bundle it along with the game and i should be able to show up a basic score board.

On another note.. i just discovered "cloud based editing software" pretty neat.. its' well integrated with the github... so it is extra easy to get started with your projects. .. do try it out if you haven't already..

Update: You can try the game online at