Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Download onClick

Ajax requests to server are always expected to return text output and for some reason the
Content-disposition: attachment;
doesn't cause the browser to show the save dialog. I searched for a while and found a jquery plugin which does it but i kept looking anyway. One interesting solution was to include an iframe in the page and set its' location to the url which would download the file when that didn't work i just used the
var url = "cgi-bin/" + $.params({qo:"LDS", sv:["dk", "df"]});
window.location = url
And surprisingly this worked well atleast on the browsers that i checked with.. (chrome, ff ).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2D Boy

No this is not a blog post about the 2D boy game studio. ... its' about a 2D character i designed from scratch.. This was the first time i did it, the work i did with recreating the 2D characters from Sita sings' blues has certainly helped me a lot here. First i used MyPaint to create rough sketches of how i wanted the character to look. 
Sketch of Characters
I wanted to go for a cartoon look but still wanted it to be a believable one. At first i tried to push for a simple Rayman style character but finally decided on this character. The game was going to use a side view.. so i had to work on creating a side view of the character.. I think the isometric view would have been better but the side view is what was requested.. :D
Side View of the Character
Once i got the side view done.. i wasn't too happy about the shoes so i tried to draw that separately so i can focus on its' details. Once i got the side view, i used Inkscape to create the colors and the texture. Once i got the texture done, I used blender to create a model with 2D planes, rigged it and its' all set to go now.. here is the result..
Rendered using Blender
The shadow of hair is pre baked (i.e it's in the texture), but the shadow cast by the legs and arms (i.e, self shadow) is all done by blender.. this is the right way of doing it because you don't have to worry about animations not showing the right shadows. I've uploaded the blend file on hopefully people can pick it up from there.
Update: the blend file is up on blend
Update1: Just discovered a sprite sheet plugin for gimp.. works pretty well, i had to change the final image a little to match my requirement but.. it does the job..
Running Animation