Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JavaScript Frameworks

I've always been against using frameworks for getting my javascript work done. I felt they were getting the way of performance and too much obscurity. But after writing my first javascript game, i thought it would be nice to use the jquery library. Which resulted in a better looking code but for some weird reason i couldn't get the setInterval() function to work with the animation effects from jquery. I did find some solutions online to fix the problem but i didn't bother to look too much into it as i was content with the UI without any animation effects. Then i came across this amazing demo. I was blown away by how beautiful everything looked. The fluid animations brought the whole game to life. It was just a delight to look at the animations. I decided to give this library a try. The documentation is pretty extensive and the samples provided pretty much cover everything  you need to know. But the one thing they don't/can't tell you is how to use the library to fit your needs :) I spent a couple of days just trying to get a feel of how they expect people to write their applications im' sure i still didn't get it right, but i've got to a point where i have the gameplay ready and am working on fine tuning the experience. you know adding proper menus and stuff.
As you can tell its' a game based around the android logo. The funny part is that i got the gameplay idea from the android logo itself. :) Anyway.. since this is the first time im' using this library, im' not entirely sure if im' doing something wrong and hence screwing up the browser. Not sure if this is the best performance i can get from the Framework. That's usually the case with using the libraries. You can't really tell if you are using the library as intended.. i guess you keep getting good at it by using it regularly and trying to understand why a certain demo was written a certain way. But there is always this lingering doubt that probably the way im' using it is wrong. I really hope im' using it right :) hopefully it will be a good fun game to play. 

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