Monday, January 30, 2012

DroidRun as Pokki

Droid run is the first game i developed using the CAAT library. The code isn't exactly the most beautiful and well organized but i've managed to get it working but then getting it to work as a pokki was a whole other story. I was too lazy to do it but gathered just enough motivation to make it because i did start writing this game for the pokki 1UP contest.

In a rush to get to the finish line .. i moved the code around like crazy and made a lot of local variables as globals and just hacked away at the code without thinking much.. i just wanted to get it working.. may be next time ill' try to be a little more cautious.. :)  I do plan to add in new features like ability to buy costumes and stuff but it can wait.
concept art
Any way if you are interested in getting the pokki for your computer.. click on the button below.. 
Download Droid Run for Pokki
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