Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Im' already a big fan of HTML5. I just love the power of canvas and the ability to be able to develop games for the web without the fuss of flash. This excitement reached the next level when i came across the pokki platform. The application just uses already available software packages like webkit, v8 javascript engine and are trying to do something like Chrome WebStore with offline apps only. The advantage though is better integration with the desktop environment. The fluid animation of the apps appearing and disappearing.. its' just beautiful. As soon as I discovered it i wanted to try making one of my html5 games available on it and thought "Closer" was the best option.. mostly because the other games weren't as good or fun to play. It was pretty easy to get the game running under pokki platform but making it polished enough for it to get published definitely wasn't. I have got the submission rejected twice so far.. nothing serious though and i think that helps in getting only the best applications on the platform. I just submitted the version with the requested changes.. and hopefully it will get through.. any way here is the app in action..
Ps: The encoding seems to have screwed up the colors a little but you get the idea.. pretty applications neat little framework...
Update: My Pokki has been approved and is available for download. Install pokki application and search through the new section. :D