Wednesday, April 06, 2011


The pyweek for this year has started and the theme is "nine times". Since iv'e been working on MuCap for a while now i wasn't sure i would be able to work on anything for this pyweek. But started thinking about the theme anyway. I wanted the gameplay to be very simple to pick up at the same time making the player think about how to complete a level. This is easy.. you make a puzzle game but how do i incorporate the theme? well first i decided on the gameplay "bounce a ball around". The theme says "nine times" so now i started thinking about ways to make the player bounce the ball 9 times before the level is complete. This was the thought process behind "Charged" the pyweek game im' working on currently.

To make sense of why the user should bounce 9 times before finishing, i tried working out some kind of story.. say feeding something with candy coated with chocolate? (9 times bounce == more chocolate) for some time i was going to go with that story line.. until i suddenly started thinking about static electricity and then it all came together.. you bounce the ball around enough to create voltage enough to power a light bulb (the goal) how do you light the bulb? well.. contact with any wire attached to the bulb should do it :) I didn't really think about making the equations right but V = IR hence more the resistance more Voltage you need. So thats' the premise im' using for this game. Why electricity you ask?.. thats thanks to tangential learning that this video talks about.
Here is the concept art for this game screens to follow..

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