Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sounds like something you heard before.. yes .. "MoCap" is the word you might have heard :) so here is the idea.. i wanted to make some game using the music to trigger the actions on screen and the result is MuCap (Music Capture) with the tagline as "Capture the Music". I've been working on this idea for a few days now and it is turning out pretty good. I should admit though ive' spent a lot of time on trying to figure out how to create an ideal level editor, i even considered trying to automate it but settled with hand coding the levels. Just couldn't find the sweet spot for a good level editor, but "audacity" proved to be the best for the job.
The art is pretty straight forward steps:
  • Create graphic in InkScape
  • Gaussian filter the object
  • Paste a copy of the same object
And presto.. we have the glowing object. I've tried to keep the art as simple as possible and it worked out pretty well. I've looked at various wallpapers from Deviant art to try and make a game which would simulate creating a wallpaper in a fun way. The problem was to make sure it didn't obstruct the gameplay too much. I think ive' found a pretty good sweet spot. Here are the first screenshots of the be game
Menu of the Game (I know its' a bit Un-Traditional) but keeps it simple and can easily be adapted for mobile devices. I've actually made sure that the gameplay uses only the mouse. Also i wanted to make sure that the songs and the artists are highlighted more than anything else because they are royalty free music loops that i downloaded from
And the least i can do is properly credit them. So the menu just does that :). I still need to work on the game pause menu but what i have so far is good.

This is how the screen looks after you complete playing through a song :)
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