Saturday, December 11, 2010

Importance Of Concept Art

Recently i've started drawing concepts for games before starting the actual code. If you think enough about the game play, you inevitably wind up with the most basic art that is required to represent the game. Case in point.. "Stardust" this is the game i made for pyweek. I was all set to do a standard platforming game when i started thinking may be its' time I try something different. I came up with the gameplay mechanic based on the gravity levels from "DeadSpace". I tried to visualize that 3D gameplay in 2D and what I ended up was the simple format. I started doodling in the Inkscape just to see what it would look like and that ended up to be the final look for the game. I never did this form of making a mockup before actually writing the game before, but im' glad I started doing it now. This gives me a better idea about how the game will look like and i have a better understanding about how to implement it. Here is another concept ive' drawn in M$paint brush in W7 .. the color scheme is the default colors that you find in that .. I just loved the color combination and used it. The game is called "Squared" and is one of the games im' going to post for the GameOn 2010 contest by Mozilla.

I'm done with the gameplay and scoring. I have to get the audio up and running. I've had complications using audio in JS while making "Stardust". But hopefully ill' be able to do a better job this time around. Have to start searching for audio and also the audio system code if it's available somewhere.


Daniele said...

From your few words it's not really clear to me the meanful, could you give some more explanation about the concept?
Is the picture the basic scheme of your game?

Vamsi Krishna Veligatla said...

Yes, the screen is basically how the game looks. Have a look at my next post to check out the game in action.