Monday, August 09, 2010

Updating Plugins from Blender4.9 to Blender5.3

Blender5.3 is the new beta version of the awesome 3d authoring tool. I've been skeptical about using it as it had changed some of the shortcut keys etc. I didn't want to make the jump to Blender5.3 yet but after taking a look at the latest version i was impressed by the ui changes. I decided that it would be nice to switch to 5.3 and try it out for creating art assets during the upcoming pyweek. So i started playing around with blender5.3 creating simple models, animations etc and decided that its' time to start porting the anim3d. The moment i started looking at the export scripts for other formats, all hell broke loose.. i was confused disoriented and frustrated with the lack of proper documentation for getting the information i needed to spit out the 3danim format that i designed. That is when i looked at the "python code sniplets" just a glance at this book and i was able to move ahead a lot in coding the exporter script. Right now only the key frame vertices are missing. I'll be working on this and hopefully will be done by the end of today. If you haven't already done it.. Please do check out blender 5.3 its' really nice..

update1: Finally got the python export script ported to 5.3 :). The output generated needs to be tested. Most probably it will work but i still have doubts. you can grab it from here .
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