Thursday, August 26, 2010

PyWeek as Py48

For the pyweek11 i wasn't sure if i should register because i thought it might be hard to find time to complete a game. After a lot of thought I did register. Just before the contest started, I had to work a little extra at the office, get some stuff done as a result I lost the first 2 days of the pyweek. Just when i thought i had the rest of the week (5days) for completing.. i was required/requested to travel. So i quickly decided on a simple game mechanic that i wanted to implement and started working on "StarDust".

Just after 2 days of work on the game, it looks pretty good. Im' glad i settled for a simple game mechanic and concentrated on getting the things work right. Im' really amazed that i could complete this game in just 2 days. Oh well just have a look and see for your self :D
Game Features:
  • Achievements tracking
  • High Score tracking
  • Beautifully animated Patterns for waves of stars.
  • Simple Mouse based Controls.
  • Editor to create new Patterns (easy to load them just copy to data folder)
The screens don't actually do justice to the games fluid particle animations. You can download the game and have a look.
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