Friday, April 16, 2010

Slider Puzzle

After CubePuzzle, i wanted to make another puzzle game just for the heck of it. I thought for a while and came up with a simple puzzle game. I started off coding it in glut and called it BallPuzzle (not very creative) .. coz the game was to have a ball that would just keep falling down unless you made sure that there was a block stopping it from falling down. Since glut already has functions for drawing spheres and cubes, and because I remember the glut functions better.. i coded it using glut lib. But to make it presentable i switched to SDL, and the GLui i implemented for CubePuzzle. After about 4-5 hrs of porting and polishing .. I uploaded the Src and Binary (both linux and windows)

Mean while i wanted to see if i could use Blender to create a python game. i.e, create all the logic etc inside blender like we do for BGE but output objects/files so that we can run the game using python. Turns out we can't access the GameLogic api when trying to export files. So im' planning on writing a script which will be run through the BGE. Ill' have to keep all the scripts dependent on one global variable which will be set only when trying to run through python. The idea was to use Blender as a Level Designer, but adding the above feature will take it one step ahead and will probably be pretty good. Still have to figure out a lot of things.
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