Sunday, April 25, 2010

InkScape As Level Editor

I have been working on creating a simple game engine for 2D games which would use pymunk (chipmunk) 2D physics engine and currently undecided tool kit for windowing. I was working on creating a simple loader for loading info from the svg file to create game objects. I have done this successfully you can see the code at

It's a no brainer that we have to add the meta data required for game engine to the objects in svg file, but adding all that Game Engine related info to the SVG objects can be a little tedious.. esp if you want to have many objects in a level. So I've been trying to look at making it a little less painful.. guess what.. inkscape extensions are pretty awesome for doing just that. I quickly put together a simple inx file which inkscape uses for creating gui for the extensions. Im' pretty excited about this now.. Really cool..

.. i have been trying to get the extension to work but for some weird reason it wouldn't... so guess what.. i just copied an extension which was already there.. and started editing it to make it mine :) ... and it worked!! oh well.. guess i missed something really trivial.. but its' working now and is up in the code base.. next i have to think about how to get the model info in there. for separating out rendering from the other stuff..

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