Sunday, March 14, 2010

Next is what?

So the other day one of my friends asked me if i could help him guide a team of artists and developers to get a game done. .. so i wrote a small write up for how the game should be.. essentially a requirements' specification doc for a game. Have to see how that works out .. :)

Meanwhile .. ive' been working rarely/sparsely on it and haven't made much progress. Mostly because ive' been busy with writing the above doc :) .. but thats' just an excuse.. i've been getting stuck at various stages as in how to implement the rotation of the puzzle etc. During the development of CubePuzzle for the pc ive' taken some liberties implementing it without proper structure etc, I wanted to change that this time and wanted to do it better.. .hopefully ill' come up with something which is easy to manage and doesn't look outright devilish... :)
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