Sunday, March 14, 2010

Linux binary Finally!!!

Long time ago... when people made money porting games to linux.. i came across an article about how to create a universal executable for linux. That is an interesting thing because you never know what the end users' system has installed and which of the libraries that you need are missing.

The article offers three solutions.. out of which i decided to go ahead with the third method.. Here is the article if you would like to have a look

Definitely a good read... if you would like to develop applications for linux and deploy them on large number of systems.

If you are wondering why the hell im' posting this now??... after all these years??.. well remember the Cube Puzzle game??.. it was available for windows as a binary but not for linux.. the source was out there.. but thats' not fair.. so today i decided and made the linux binary for the game. Grab it from .
As you can see above, you can just double click on the .. you will be prompted with this message box you see above, click "run" and the game runs :)

The binary was created on a ubuntu 9.04 machine and has been tested on a fedora12 machine.. and it worked.. im' guessing it should work for any other distro :) Please do note that this is just a 32 bit executable.

The one disappointment i still have is that i couldn't figure out how to set an icon for the game launcher script... oh well i guess that will just have to wait a little longer :)

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