Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cube Puzzle

So i've been hard at work polishing the prototype that i had created a few months ago for an iphone game. It is finally in a presentable state, There may be a couple of issues still hanging around, but hopefully they are not bad enough to ruin the experience.

It is a simple puzzle game where you rotate layers of cubes in such a way that no two cube in two different layers overlap. Sounds simple right? well try it out and see.. :) We call it "NooBix" a simplified Rubix .. but don't be fooled.. it could get pretty tough at times.
Grab the system independent Source code or The windows executable.. from

Hope you like it..

If the game is crashing on your system, you should install vc++ 8 redistributable package

Monday, February 08, 2010

Setting Icon for Win32 Console Applications

Here is a scenario..
  • You create an application with Visual Studio Express 2008 (or some other express thing)
  • You created a win32 console application (so that you dont' have to deal with win32 api)
  • You want to set a custom icon for your app (instead of the generic .exe icon that shows up)
Sounds Simple right, but took me a while to figure out the solution, but as it turns out is pretty easy to do. Here are the steps you have to follow
  • Add a new (.rc) file to project (empty file)
  • add the following line to the .rc file you just added to the project
  • Copy the customicon.ico file to source code directory of the project.
  • Build your application just like you would normally. (using the menu options in VC Express)
  • Check the .exe created in the release/debug folder based on your configuration.
Well i tried to put it as simple as i could, Hope you found this useful, here are the links which helped me figure out how its' done .. just in case you dont' understand what i wrote here..