Thursday, July 09, 2009


Prototype is a game where the player can shape shift his character and grow blades (you know just like wolverine..) and hack and slash your way through the military and infected people to find who made you the way you are.. (a freak).. now that we have the story out of our way.. let's talk about the gameplay, controls etc.. (im' referring to the pc version here)

hmm let's see how i can put it in a single clear statement... "Prototype game kinda sux at combat".

I really don't get the free flowing feel that i did with wolverine x-men origins, Devil May Cry, you know the list goes on.. the combat just isn't there. Running around the city is fast paced and fun for a while but it does get old quickly. So im' not sure what the other reviewers are talking about this game.. i.e, it being good and all.. but i didn't like it one bit.. the controls just dont' feel right.. again.. im' looking at the pc version here.. if your experience on the consoles is better.. oh well congratulations :)

Ok.. now for the bitching... As you might have seen .. ive' been busy with porting the transporter game to blender game engine for the game design contest @ blender forums.. turns out they put out another thread for the entries and i missed the train :)) as In i did not know it happened... my work all just kinda wasted.. oh well at least i have a pretty good game running on bge ..

ps: Sry no art work / screenies this time...
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