Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Porting To Blender

iv'e been porting this game I wrote for pyweek competetion to a blender game (i.e, using blender's internal game engine). There were a couple of things that took a while for me to get a grap of.
1) Making the trees move when it is being cut, there were a couple of different ways i tried but finally i've put in a lame hack just so it will work.
2) How to make sure each level's objectives are different even while linking it from a different file.
3) Making the smoke look right, making it fade away.
4) A little trouble fixing the camera angle etc. But the current thing seems pretty solid.

I've tried to use the feedback I got for the game in the prev competetion as guidance for the dev of this game. Hopefully iv'e fixed most of them.. Well almost.. I still have to design the levels and make sure they are intuitive enough.
1) Heating up only when cutting wood, (stand still and it will cool down.. standard fair.. like in most games)
2) Instead of some weird cooling/heating thing controlling the outcome of the game, I've put in a timer. It is same for all the levels.. The difficulty will increase based on the requirements in the level (wood to cut and cops to trap)

Since I've got better experience with coloring using gimp, thanks to all the paper toy themes i've been working on.. :) any way.. ive' re-vamped the textures of the trees in the game. I even bumped up the polycount on them. They look pretty good now.

One more improvement in visual department is the trap, well in the original game this was just one flat polygon with a very crappy texture. Now I've made a very cool looking trap which looks just like a plant but when a cop crosses through it.. He gets' trapped literally.. like he is in a jail :)... hopefully ill' be able to make the levels fun to play.