Thursday, February 05, 2009

My own Paper Toy

After i came across the website, i've been downloading the schematics and making various toys from the website. one of my colleagues was interested in seeing a Dexter (from cartoon network) as a paper toy but unfortunately did not have it. I was going through other paper craft websites linked from cubeecraft and was really impressed by how many types of paper toy templates are available out there. That sparked off the intrest in me for making my own template for paper toys. I've tried my hand at making a paper toy using the template provided at, then decided to combine templates from other websites and come up with a good one to make characters like afro samurai, and the evil monsters in Samurai Jack. These initial undertakings went puff as the papertoys looked ridiculous. Which made me thinkg about making just a simple paper toy.. you know with just one cube/cuboid. Fortunately the dexter's images led me to a pretty good paper toy template, which i've been trying to polish to be published. The initial dexter's template looks really cool but has some flaws which will be / have been fixed in the actual template. Will be posting that next time around

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