Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Time and again i've been hitting this road block... "unable to find good textures for the game", previously i had problems with 3D models.. but thanks to ac3d and blender now im' confident that i can create 3D models myself.. but textures are still a big problem for me. The other day i was trying to complete a small game level in blender when i hit the road block and i was reallly pissed. Then i realized that i am pretty good at imitating stuff present in other paitings/drawings. Which i proved to myself with patapon clone that i made..(not exactly a good game but ya it looks pretty good). So any way i started looking at folliage in other games...(crash bandicoot) and made a texture for the bush thing.. it's not perfect.. but does the job :D

You can use this texture if you want.. for free ofcourse... and ya.. im' putting this up coz i could't find textures when i was searching for them.
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