Sunday, June 22, 2008

Patapon clone(?)

Well if you remember the patapon clone i made for pyweek6, it was a bit of a flop.. i was kinda able to capture the art but not the game play. For some weird reason the keyinput seems to behave oddly, sometimes just vanishing and not giving the user proper feel for the keying.
Faults with the game:
1) No visual cues for errors
2) No visual cues for correct key press
3) skewed improper timing stuff.
4) Game doesn't seem to do anything with the correct key presses? (actually it uses it for attack speedup.. i guess i should have worked on making it look more obvious).
Despite all these errors if you would like to try out the game here is the windows version link. RoboMinions(Win32)
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