Thursday, April 10, 2008

Source Release

In my previous post i said that the rhythm game that im' developing for pyweek is in Development well.. there are still some things that need to be modified and fine tuned.. but you can try out the version i submitted for the contest here
It's not as perfect as i wanted it to be.. and it's not as entertaining as i thought it would be but it definitely will make a hell of a typing tutor :) The windows version will be up soon.. mean while you can install python and pygame and check the game out.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Take that Patapon

If you have been paying attention to the latest psp games that have been coming out.. you are sure to have come across the rhythm game called PataPon. This game has and interesting art style and a lovely game play. If you have seen the hundreds of youtube videos floating around.. you will notice how fluid the animations are, just amazingly beautiful. I don't have a psp but damn.. i would love to play this game.. well any way.. PyWeek was upon me with the theme as Robots. Well.. since I wanted to play patapon badly i somehow wanted to use pyweek as a pretext for creating a game which felt similar to PataPon. Robot Minions was the instant idea that came to me. Since i'm at home and my work start a few days after pyweek ends... i thought this might be a good chance to experiment and try to build something which resembles PataPon :) My laptop hasn't been in best of its' shape... troubling me with minor issues like sound.. (ya the sound isn't working any more :() So you can imagine my plight.. trying to develop a rhythm game on a laptop with void speakers. Anyway.. I started off by writing the Rhythm Input class which basically is a class for handling the rhythm part of the game. It shows a character on the screen, you press it and it is a match.. if you press a wrong key or you don't press at all.. you miss the chance of attaining 100% efficient move. Days passed by.. i lost 2-3 days of the pyweek because of the extra care that the HP service center guys have taken to screw up my Sound Card. I some how managed to catch up and finish the game play part .. yesterday was full of art work, trying to replicate the backdrops from PataPon, Drawing the whaky enemy units and then finally the Robot Minion... I was really amazed at the power of Gimp, I keep falling in love with it every time i use it, Thank You Gimp team!! you guys rock... (ps, i tried using PhotoshopCS3 on my sister's laptop, since my laptop wasn't here.. but guess what.. i couldn't .. .I guess i got too used to Gimp :D). Oh.. ofcourse.. the screen shots of the game now.. ,