Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Release Candidate

Im' done with the game.. well at least most of it.. to summarize the features of the game...

The Good:
1) You can control the speed of the flight using (1 and 2 buttons of the wiimote)
2) It uses wiimote for input (the reason i started writing this game)
3) Random Levels, Random placement of mines.
4) You can shoot or try to bypass the mines and barriers. The former option gives you extra points.
5) Intuitive control scheme for hero control (hold the wiimote side ways, tilt left to move left and tilt right to move right, A to attack, 1 to move at max speed, 2 to move at low speed)
6) Sound effects

Bad Part:
1) No story :) well i really couldn't think of one...
2) No motivation for traveling at high speed other than that it's exiting.
3) The levels are harder as you go on.. but currently it just has two types of enemies, that too stationary.(barriers and mines. It still is quite difficult to get a good score.. but you know its' like a play and forget kinda game.. want to somehow make it have some replay value)
4) Written using directx, c#.. just for using the wiimotelib. :) hence requires.. .Net3.5 framework!! to run.

1 comment:

Suman Korada said...

Everything looks like a sketch in there which is great. It will be great if you could find a font which is like sketch, I know there are a bunch of softwares out there for this.