Wednesday, February 27, 2008


If you are anything like me.. you would be really exited about games like ninja gaiden2, devil may cry4, etc. These games belong to a sweet game genre called hack-n-slash, these basically require the user to frantically keep pressing keys to get combos of attacks and to clear off hoards of enemies. It requires speed and co-ordination, i know not everybody is as exited about these games as i am.. but any way.. .. i wanted to try out the severing the foes limbs concept... you know.. just slice through the enemies and leave their body parts flying around kinda thing.

I know it sounds very evil but then... i think its' pretty cool. What better premise for you to slice your enemies into pieces can you get other than that you are a ninja and you have to kill the bad guys :) Well here are the concept drawings i'm planning to use for the hack-n-slash game that i might be developing (fingers crossed!)
Oh btw.. the first character is inspired from a ninja drawing submission under cartoon section in and the second character is inspired from the ninja in n+ game.

Just in case you are wondering what's with all the 2D games and pencil drawing style graphics?... well i think it's pretty cool to have the pencil drawing kinda style for the games. And as for the
2D games... well i realized that 3D games require good animated models.. well i can't create my own animations... trust me i tried but i really suck at it. So i back up plan is to use 2D image sequences.. easy to implement.. just loading the image and texture mapping it right? :D And.. i can draw the animations myself.. (not to a professional level) but i can.. and this is another place where the pencil drawing style helps me out :)


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