Sunday, February 24, 2008


The game developers conference 08 held at san francisco. For those of you who don't know what it its... it's the place where game developers show off what they are working on.. give presentations about the technologies being used in the latest games. Presentations to developers about how to develop for a platform etc. But basically a place where the game dev companies show off their games etc.

So the stuff i liked about GDC08 are:
1) M$ announces community games for XBL. Any member of xna creators club can create a game and submit it for XBL MArket place. Essentially what this means is .. if you have a XBOX360 with you and you are itching to develop a game for it.... you can do it using the XNA. But first... the XNA game studio doesn't come with the stuff required for the 360. You can buy these components from XBL Market place. ($100 per year) pretty cheap if you want to get started with game dev for consoles right?
2) Gears of War 2 has been announced (exclusive for Xbox360) :(
3) WiiWare for Wii this is essentially the same as xbox live thing but here the requirements for a developer are a little high.. so anybody cannot develop for wiiware. This is kinda of a disappointment coz i just have a wii and would have loved to have something like XNA for the wii.( Should have bought a 360 :(...)
4) Sony announces a free engine for game devlopment basically for PC and Playstation3. So now if you develop for PC using this engine, you are ready to go on PS3 as well :D Details about this are a little vague could not get the whole info but ya sounds like the right step for getting more games on PS3.
5) Lot of games were shown (FarCry2, UT3 Engine updated, Crytek2 engine, Super Smash Brothers' Brawl, etc)

Of all these announcements.. the awesome one is ... being able to run games developed using XNA on the zune media players. That is pretty darn amazing... Take that Apple!!!
Well ... im' kinda kicking myself for not buying a 360 and going for the Wii.. Never thought 360 would become so developer friendly :(

Oh well i guess i just have to be happy developing games on pc with Wiimote compatibility..
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