Monday, February 04, 2008

Characters in Game

It's not a you know.. people game.. it has a hero (a flight) which can be controlled by human and enemies. So here is the list of the characters i have in the game.

Hero of our game. Just a flight.. ya but it has infinite ammo :D so ya... it's pretty awesome

This is the barrier drone which basically just stands on the way at the end of each level. The problem is it's not alone. Blast through them by shooting at them or just evade them and move on.

This is a mine.. just that it flies in the air.. you know like air mines...
Just like the barrier drones.. you can either evade them or blast right through them..
i'm pretty sure you will mostly choose blasting through them... trust me its' easier that way :D

This enemy is not yet implemented in the current version of the game.. but im' thinking about a random flying thing just makes it ever harder to get a high score in the game.
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