Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Using Wii Controlers to Max..

Imagine this... you are an assasin.. (not the one from assasin's creed) more like the one depicted in the game "Wet". This game is for PS3 and XboX360.. but just imagine using the wiimote as a sword and the nunchuck as the gun.. just amazing!! move your wiimote sideways to control the sword (more like the controls implemented in Bleach Shattered Blade for Wii or The SoulCaliber Legends). Now in addition to this... using nunchuck as your gun.. use the z or c buttons for trigger and the annalog stick for movement of the character. Don't know about others but that would really get me exited.. it make take some time to get used to.. but I really think it would be fun to have such a control scheme on a game for the Wii. To get an overview of what action moves im' talking about..enjoy the video.. of "Wet"
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