Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Using Wii Controlers to Max..

Imagine this... you are an assasin.. (not the one from assasin's creed) more like the one depicted in the game "Wet". This game is for PS3 and XboX360.. but just imagine using the wiimote as a sword and the nunchuck as the gun.. just amazing!! move your wiimote sideways to control the sword (more like the controls implemented in Bleach Shattered Blade for Wii or The SoulCaliber Legends). Now in addition to this... using nunchuck as your gun.. use the z or c buttons for trigger and the annalog stick for movement of the character. Don't know about others but that would really get me exited.. it make take some time to get used to.. but I really think it would be fun to have such a control scheme on a game for the Wii. To get an overview of what action moves im' talking about..enjoy the video.. of "Wet"

I was Wrong!

If you have seen my prev post about unreal engine being un-scalable etc.. well turns out i was wrong.. It does scale.. I just had very old drivers!! I have an HP dv6137tx .. with 1GB ram and Geforce Go 7400.. you know.. just good enough to play current games at lowest possible settings :) any way, The display drivers for the notebooks are pretty tricky.. nvidia doesnt' actually support all the notebooks out there.. they just provide the drivers to the OEMs... who customize the drivers to suit their products. Im' not sure about others... but HP guys seem to have been sleeping.. the latest driver they provided was 83.3... something.. and the latest beta is 169.09.. something.. of forceware. Thanks to i was able to update my drivers to the latest beta drivers.. which make GoW work.. at a minimal setting... but it still looks pretty decent.. and gives a smooth gameplay... Cant' wait to try out other new games!! Thank you notebookforums.!! you have saved me from a lot of pain..

I did not face any problems what so ever till now after installing these beta drivers.. i just hope nothing got screwed.. :) Btw.. GoW rocks.. so does Bewolf.. cant' wait to play them both..!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wii would Like to Play!!

It's really been hard for me to find time and the TV to play with the Wii, but those few hours i've spent playing games on it were just awesome. Buying Wii was the starting point for many first time things for me.. I don't like saying it.. but it actually spent the same amount for the games and extra controller that i spent for the console. Yes.. the console costs $250 and the games are like $50 each.!! there are a few cheaper games but ... they really are better left on the shelves. Any way.. the games i bought..
1) Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
2) Monkey Ball: Banana blitz
3) Rayman Raving Rabbids
MP3 (Metriod Prime 3).. was given very high regard as best fps game thus far on this console. It looks great, has very polished controls and is fun to play.. but i really hate it when it comes to searching for stuff.. and just not finding it. The reviewers all over the inet do say that it's a lot easier compared to the previous Metroid games.... i just can't imaging playing those.. :) Apart from that.. the boss battles are really fun. Rest of the enemies you find in the game are mere scape goats. There were times when i would just get detected by the lazers so that i'll have something to shoot. I should have thought about the replay value for this game before buying but well.. it still is a pretty good fps to play with the Wii Remote.

Monkey ball banana blitz.. is a collection of minigames and has a story mode too... basically you are a monkey in a ball roll the ball by tilting the wiimote and reach the end of the level and after you have cleared some levels like that.. you have a boss fight.. These are really fun...They are quite easy though. The main replay value for this comes from the minigames.. there are about 50 minigames.. and some of them are really addictive.... you can just keep playing them for hours if you have got a friend playing with you :)

Rayman Raving Rabbids.. is a really funny game.. I should say the funniest iv'e ever played.. did not play many games which have a funny storyline etc.. but .. this is really funny.. the characters are really well done.. the cut scenes are just masterpieces... if you don't mind bunnies being kicked around.. and are not an animal activist.. this a real fun game to play.

Then there is Wii sports.. its' free.. it's got tennis.. and bowling... tennis is my type of the game.. fast and fun to play.. no nonsense.. you know.. the id style of game... ofcourse.. they seem to be changing that. Well any way.. .. i just hope i could get my roomies would give me more time with the Tv for playing..